Rosa Tabacco Refill - 500 ml

Dr. Vranjes Firenze

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Rosa Tabacco is a rich, enticing and multi-faceted combination. It encapsulates the passion and warmth of a love story forged from the overwhelming determination of two lovers hailing from different places and cultures. The fragrance's olfactory pyramid traces the most important stages of this tormented yet emotionally charged love story. With its citrus and powdery notes, damask rose depicts the unforgettable memory of their first encounter, made up of unique yet conflicting feelings. The warm and enveloping tobacco and amber heart notes are reminiscent of a true loves embrace. Composed of musk and vanilla, the sweet yet animalic base notes bring the personalities of the two lovers together as one soul. Strong, united and perseveringin the face of all adversity.
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Dr. Vranjes Firenze Traditional, Rosa Tabacco Refill, 500 ml, with a pack of 500 ml white sticks
Brand: Dr. Vranjes Firenze
Brand Origin: Italy
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