Rilievo   59001299

Rilievo 59001299


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Rilievo?is a single-hole wall mounted electronic tap made of chromed brass.? Available in different finishes.?

If harmony, based on order, is dictated by a geometrical ratio between parts, the maximum expression of purity of form is the intersection of a circle with a square.? This geometric and architectural symbol has been considered greatly evocative through time and across continents and cultures.? As the circle evokes eternal movement, the square symbolizes eternity and immutability.? The coupling of these two geometries becomes the dynamic image of purity: the transition towards perfection and equilibrium.? Indeed, a circle inscribed into a square is the theme that Rilievo brilliantly brings to life, gracing both touch and sight to make the bathroom a haven of body and soul rebalance.? A new balance between style, emotion and functionality.?


Brand: Gessi
Brand Origin: Italy
Colour:?Black Metal PVD
SKU: 00069394

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