Lui&Lei Tray - Bianco Carrara


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The Lui&Lei tray is composed of a circular base in either white Bianco Carrara marble or opulent green Verde Alpi. The curved inner portion of the tray is then lined with buttery soft eco-leather in a contrasting shade.

The Lui&Lei Collection was created as a set, featuring containers, paperweights and trays, which together spotlight the complementary materials’ elegant nature.
Designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, the idea behind the collection Lui&Lei is the game of contrasts between two materials: cool, hard marble and soft, tactile leather. This contrast is further emphasised by the combination of white marble and dark brown eco-leather.

For a more monochromatic look, there is Verde Alpi marble paired with eco- leather in a deep dark shade of green, a combination which recalls stately homes and plush, elegant offices from centuries past.


Brand: Salvatori
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Vincent Van Duysen
Finish: Bianco Carrara
Remarks: only 1 stock on hand and would be displayed at CL
SKU: 00104334
Dimensions: Ø280 x H40 mm

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