Kit of Accessories for Smart-phones and Tablets

Kit of Accessories for Smart-phones and Tablets


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Ciclotte Bike is the result of an aesthetic research inspired by ergonomics and essentiality and realized by using high-tech materials like carbon fibres, glass fibres and steel. The iconic circular shape and the use of carbon express the bike strong sporting vocation, which is revealed during every training session. The frame is designed to adapt to the 7 spinning positions. The innovative turn multiplier transmission and the rotation of the outer wheel make the exercise unique, faithfully replicating the sensation of cycling on the road. The resistance is obtained with a sophisticated electromagnetic system remotely controlled via Bluetooth. Ciclotte Bike, the design exercise bike/exclusive fitness equipment/perfect decoration object for the interior of houses, from luxury living rooms to unique bedrooms and bathrooms, hotel suites and yachts.
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Ciclotte, Kit of Accessories for Smart-phones and Tablets
Brand: Ciclotte
Brand Origin: Italy
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