Hand-painted & Embellished Silk Wallpaper

Chinoiserie 2.0 Hand-painted & Embellished Silk Wallpaper 830x1800mm

Lala Curio

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LALA CURIO is a home decor brand that revives ancient artisanship for modern, timeless interiors. They specialise in hand-painted and embroidered Chinoiserie wallpaper, Cloisonné tiles, and bespoke hand-crafted furnishings.

Lala Curio Chinoiserie 2.0 Custom TS-21 Bamboo Jungle Framed Art (showroom) Hand-painted & Embellished Silk Wallpaper, 830x1800mm
Brand: Lala Curio
Collection: Chinoiserie 2.0
Brand Origin: Hong Kong
SKU: 00172560
Dimension: 830x1800mm

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