2975-42, Frame Oak: Oil, Clear (NB-1)


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Looking as if it was carved out of solid wood, this arm chair features beautiful gentle curves from the arms through the back.
The luxurious seating comfort, in which you can feel the warmth of the wood, allows this arm chair to be used as a lounge
chair in addition to being an excellent dining chair. The interplay of light and shadow on the chair provides a gorgeous contrast
and functions to further highlight the beautiful form of the chair. This arm chair allows you to not only enjoy the appearance
and warmth of the natural wood but also the excellent sitting comfort and subtle beauty of the chair's design.

$11,520.00 $19,200.00

Brand: Maruni
Collection: Hiroshima
Brand Origin: Japan
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Design Year: 2008
Frame: Oak: Oil, Clear (NB-1)

Finish: Frame Oak: Oil, Clear (NB-1)
SKU: 00197101
Dimensions: 560w x 530d x 790h mm