SCA57A, Frame Amber Painted 0137A, Leather Gamma 199




Chairs in two versions, armchairs, ottomans and coffee tables are the new proposals that extend the Caratos series launched last year. These new items both reflect and strengthen the original designs’ essential features while softening them by introducing embracing shapes. The light die-cast graphite or amber painted aluminium structure is retained, while padded backrests contribute to the formation of the armrests, creating seating with no postural restrictions at all, encouraging conversation and relations between neighbours. The ottomans and coffee tables echo the design of the frames and are ideal complements to the seats to create conversation areas and social settings.

$8,700.00 $17,400.00

Brand: Maxalto
Collection: Caratos
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Design Year: 2018
Colour: Frame Amber Painted 0137A, Leather Gamma 199
Frame: Amber Painted 0137A

Leather: Gamma 199
Remarks: Coming Stock
SKU: 00085315
Dimensions: 570w x 545d x 730h mm

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