Kinesis Personal - Leather in Brown




Kinesis Personal is the ultimate piece of designer gym furniture for the home and wellness spaces. It allows you to rediscover and improve strength, coordination, flexibility, posture control and breathing control. Exclusive high-end design and comfort Superb leather upholstery. Accurate craftmanship. Minimal footprint. The Kinesis Leather goes beyond the concept of functional movement: it a statement of excellence. Experience unlimited exercise possibilities, set the resistance effortlessly to meet your skill level and enjoy beauty to the eye and touch while forging your best shape.
$92,750.00 $185,500.00

Kinesis Personal MD053BCS leather version in brown
Brand: Technogym
Collection: Kinesis Personal
Brand Origin: Italy
SKU: 00070078
Dimension: L1150 x W1700 x H2100 mm