Chinoiserie 2.0 Hand-painted Silk Wallpaper 1464x1783mm
Hand-painted Silk Wallpaper

Chinoiserie 2.0 Hand-painted Silk Wallpaper 1464x1783mm

Lala Curio



COLOURLIVING exclusive collectible.

A bespoke collection in collaboration with Christie’s The House of Luxury handbags auction, these contemporary decorative screens are crafted with Lala Curio’s signature handpainted wallpaper that showcases the best of its Chinoiserie artisanship. The lacquered Macassar wood bi-folding screens are mounted with the brand’s Jungle Fantasia collection of wallpaper which depicts a safari scenery featuring wild creatures alongside the rarest luxury handbags and accessories.

Mounted?on an elegant marble stand, the versatile?frames are fitted with a ledge for cocktail and a hook for coat that make true statement pieces for the most grandiose entrance foyer, corner of your salon and the centre of your living room.


Brand: Lala Curio
Collection: Stainless Steel Frame With Stone Base
Brand Origin: Hong Kong
Remarks: Ex-works price, logistics cost subject to quantity required; Lala Curio wallpaper is hand-made to order, artwork can be customised to fit each individual project and may vary slightly from one order to another.
SKU: 00211254
Dimensions: 1464x1783mm