Box Center   BWX2205427

Box Center BWX2205427




Convert your kitchen sink into a practical and fully accessorised workstation with Franke’s Box Center. Designed to create a holistic cooking experience with a sense of order, the stainless steel workcentre features slim-top edge profile and a second compartment bowl serving as a storage location for accessories including a wire rack that holds knives, chopping boards, an inox strainer bowl and draining rack that can be easily accessible for food preparation.


Brand: Franke
Brand Origin: Switzerland
Collection: Box Center
Designer: Franke
Colour: Stainless Steel
SKU: 00090477
Dimensions: Length of large bowl 540 mm
Width of large bowl 410 mm
Depth of large bowl 200 mm
Length of small bowl 270 mm
Width of small bowl 480 mm
Depth of small bowl 200 mm