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With its clean curvaceous lines and immaculate finishes the Soma planters have become an iconic part of the Indigenus range. Inspired by the ‘anchoring presence’ of trees combined with the designer’s distinctive rounded sculptural style the Soma planters create a powerful impact on any landscape
or interior. The Soma design celebrates the stone-like appear- ance of reinforced concrete and in various progressions of the design contrasts with organic elements in wood and cork.
The Soma collection, the first collection van Heerden did for Indigenus, is an extremely versatile range. The planters can act like pillars punctuating a long vista or provide a shapely anti- dote to the rigid lines of architecture. They are perfect for solo placement on the ground, in a corner, or on a raised surface and are particularly effective assembled in varying heights.

$9,120.00 $15,200.00

Brand: Indigenus
Collection: Soma
Brand Origin: South Africa
Designer: Laurie Wiid van Heerden
Design Year: 2014
Frame: Limestone White

Finish: Soma
SKU: 00171406
Dimensions: 700w x 700d x 703h mm

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