Xtal Becrux Cordless Table Lamp


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The Xtal cordless lamp has enjoyed remarkable popularity since its release in 2015. Following up on its success, Ambientec is introducing an expanded new line of expressive new lamps crafted from hand-cut glass. Named after the four main stars in Crux — also known as the Southern Cross, the smallest of all 88 modern constellations — each of these new lights — the Acrux, Becrux, Gacrux, and Decrux — is as compact as the Xtal, yet boasts a complex and unique lighting profile that creates a gentle but stimulating space. Ambientec hopes to release these exciting new lighting products in 2018.

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Brand: Ambientec
Brand Origin: Japan
Collection: Xtal Becrux
Designer: Ryuichi Kozeki
Design Year: 2015
Colour: Crystal galss
Remarks: Intergrated light source
SKU: 00066395
Dimensions: 850 x 820 mm