Vine Tomato Luxury Candle

Vine Tomato Scented Candle 300g

Urban Apothecary

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Be instantly transported to a hot and humid greenhouse, where the air is alive with the scent of leafy vegetation and glossy red fruits. Let Vine Tomato suffuse your mood with joie de vivre, an instant pop of happiness. While tomato is adored for its edible goodness, in our aroma-apothecary, this addictive scent that’s sure to grow on you, is treasured for its summer-loving and feel-good vibes.

Irresistible and lively, this Vine Tomato scented candle blends lightly fruity and refreshing notes with soft, woody traces. Green and minty tomato leaf entices with bitter-sweet allure, before softly yielding to a rush of grapefruit and lime. Tomato pulp’s ripened fruitiness follows, edged with the scents of freshly mown lawn, jasmine, and earthy moss. To create a warmed-by-the-sun effect, all of these garden aromas are wrapped in cedarwood and musk.


Brand: Urban Apothecary
Collection: Luxury Boxed Glass Candles
Brand Origin: United Kingdom
Scent: Tomato Pulp - Fresh Grass - Jasmine
Base: Moss - Cedarwood - Musk
Top: Tomato Leaf - Grapefruit - Lime
SKU: 00195953
Dimensions: 300g
Size: 300g