Vieques Clubchair in Lace Coral Porotex 528 and Bone Aluminum 678


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The search for a combination of natural patterns applied to the industrial world
were found in simple objects seen under a microscope, such as a coffee filter. With
this inspiration, an innovative fabric is born. Both style and texture is applied as a
developing layer to the aluminum frame of armchairs, sofas and rocking chairs.
While, at a macroscopic level, a layer is formed from a three-dimensional braid
tripled in thickness, altering the visual perception and giving rise to the creation of
the outdoor mat.


Brand: Kettal
Collection: Vieques
Brand Origin: Spain
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Frame: Lace Coral Porotex 528

Base: Bone Aluminum 678

SKU: P0000339
00195904#1, 00195905#1, 00195906#1
Dimensions: 700w x 800d x 990h mm