Velvet Peony Luxury Candle

Velvet Peony Scented Candle 300g

Urban Apothecary

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Remembering a glorious English countryside wedding, with peonies worn as beautiful crowns and the most glamorous boutonnieres. Velvet Peony will embellish your mood with loveliness, bringing you back to feeling your best self. Peony petal has long been used for its regenerative effect. As modern apothecarists, we think its influence in this fragrance makes you feel like you've pressed the button for refresh.

This seductive and romantic Velvet Peony scented candle is captured in flourishing bloom. Precious notes of blushing rose, powdery violet and ylang ylang are in attendance to this flirtatious floral that tempts with succulent peach and juicy raspberry. A hint of spicy, resinous amberwood adds warmth to the fresh petals. Like the deepest pink velvet, this lush and luxurious blend is gorgeously sumptuous.


Brand: Urban Apothecary
Collection: Luxury Boxed Glass Candles
Brand Origin: United Kingdom
Scent: Peony - Rose - Violet - Ylang Ylang
Base: Amberwood
Top: Peach - Raspberry
SKU: 00195948
Dimensions: 300g
Size: 300g