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Veli Couture VELTS00CTR00000000EU Table Lamp Couture


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Inspired by the soft finish of modern fabric textures and haute couture fabrics gracing the runways, the Veli Couture table lamp is made out of numerous folds of specialty Opalflex material, which has a textured white surface that makes it look like raw silk. Effectively giving evenly diffused light in all directions, it fills and envelops any space with its aesthetics and lush decorative characteristics. Its red, wrapped cable increases the handmade shade’s modernity. It can be coordinated with other pieces from the collection to bring an opulent aesthetic to a home décor.

$1,610.00 $2,500.00

Brand: Slamp
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Veli Couture Table
Designer: Adriano Rachele
Colour: Couture

SKU: 00032337
Dimensions: 320 x 250 mm

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