Vase/ Candlestick by Ted Muehling - Display

Vase/ Candlestick by Ted Muehling - Display

Wiener Silber Manufactur Gmbh

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In the selection and design of his pieces, Ted Muehling is guided by his sense of humility in the face of creation and by a particular sensitivity in regard to the aesthetic quality of natural products.

The “theme with variations” is provided by plants with long, soft leaves, extending downwards with the elegance of a ballerina “en pointe”. A single leaf is shaped to form a slender vessel which serves as a vase or a candle holder. The leaves have been wrought from a single piece. The traces of the hammer blow correspond to Ted Muehling’s desire to emphasise the living, growing, unique quality of objects which have been produced by hand.


Brand: Wiener Silber Manufactur Gmbh
Brand Origin: Austria
Designer: Ted Muehling
SKU: 00017760
Dimensions: H175 mm