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Type 75 Paul Smith Edition Four 32948 Floor Lamp


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Anglepoise + Paul Smith is a stunning interpretation of the Anglepoise Type 75? range, combining the unmistakable form and function of an Anglepoise with the quintessential style of Britain’s foremost designer. Created for Anglepoise by leading British industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange, the timeless Type 75? design provides the perfect canvas for a designer known for his mastery of colour.

The Type 75? Mini and Type 75? desk lamp are available in four established Paul Smith and Anglepoise Edition colours, while the Type 75? Giant floor lamp comes in the colour scheme from the very first collaboration - Edition One.

Edition One's colours are evocative of the summer, while Edition Two uses the deep, rich hues of autumn. Edition Three takes a different approach by using the visual vocabulary of Dutch painter Mondrian’s De Stijl style of art.

In his Edition Four palette, British countryside colours dominate: deep, earthy burgundy, leaden grey, sky blue, dappled green and rich clay. Just a dash of fluorescent yellow adds that element of surprise we have come to expect from a designer renowned for his mastery of colour.


Brand: Anglepoise
Collection: Type 75 Paul Smith Edition Four
Brand Origin: UK
Designer: Paul Smith
SKU: 00160044