Tufty-Time T109BS_3 + T109BD_3 + T102C_3 Sofa in Lodi 151 Fabric

Tufty-Time T109BS_3 + T109BD_3 + T102C_3 Sofa in Lodi 151 Fabric

B&B Italia

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It was 2005, and the designer Patricia Urquiola, sand: “I wanted to take a new look at capitonné and Chesterfield styles, with a special reinterpretations of 1960s and 1970s, which I love”. An expression of the Chesterfield and capitonné style, Tufty-Time modernises them with a free and casual lifestyle. The system finds effective answers to the themes of modularity, comfort and removable covers by forming the various elements that create traditional linear sofas, corner sofas, peninsula-shaped compositions and island elements allowing 360-degree seating. The upholstery in fabric or leather is subdivided into large squares that are joined by pleats, perforated in the leather version.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Tufty-Time
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Design Year: 2005
Frame: Black Colour 0154N

Fabric: Lodi 2594151

Cushion: Susa 2019151

SKU: P0000486
00200191#1, 00200192#1, 00200193#1, 00200195#2
Dimensions: 3200w x 1090d x 630h mm