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Tuber M Planter in Lava Black


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Created to last generations and weather with character, the mighty Tuber is crafted from African Iroko, a hard timber often used for boatbuilding, flooring and outdoor furniture. The Tuber’s enduring strength is derived from individual cut pieces of wood bolted together internally with stainless steel pins and hand-assembled into a pleasing bulbous form.
As it names implies the Tuber sits as if it is rooted in
the ground. It solid bearing means it can be interspersed randomly, bunched as a large centrepiece or grouped in large numbers to create exciting journeys through a vast space. The Tuber would be particularly suitable when creating an indoor forest installation.


Brand: Indigenus
Collection: Tuber
Brand Origin: South Africa
Designer: Haldane Martin
Design Year: 2014
Frame: Lava Black

Finish: Tuber
SKU: 00171370
Dimensions: 570w x 570d x 700h mm