Tronic Throw in 0181 Finishing - Display

Tronic Throw in 0181 Finishing - Display

Kvadrat / Raf Simons

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This chic throw combines a dynamic use of colour with the silky elegance of cashmere and the strength of wool. Two tones of yarn are woven together creating a gradated marriage of colours—each colour dominates one end of the throw and subtly melds into the other as it progresses along its length. The use of white and black warp threads in the weave adds to the flickering colour effect.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the dip-dye technique used in a number of garments in Raf Simons collections, the transformation of colour in Tronic is achieved through the carefully calibrated use of different coloured yarns, rather than dye being applied to the finished piece. Colour progressions range from the soft evolution of creamy white into a rich oatmeal, the drama of deep charcoal turning into soft grey, and warmer transformation through tones of red, deep green and royal blue. Tronic has black or white twisted fringes at both ends, with raw frayed edging on the sides.


Brand: Kvadrat / Raf Simons
Brand Origin: Denmark
Finish: 0181 Finishing
SKU: 00023034
Dimensions: W1300 x L1850 mm