T12 Kitchen Garden in White

T12 Kitchen Garden in White


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Growing your own herb garden at home has never been this effortless and fun. Thanks to a new approach to indoor gardening that incorporates the idea of IoT, innovative technologies, intuitive usability and contemporary design, you can easily turn your kitchen into a food factory with Tregren’s T-series compact kitchen gardens. Featuring a container, LED growing lights and hydroponic cultivation, you can watch your favourite herbs grow through the innovative Active Growing Technology, controllable and adjustable via the Smart Gardener app, that allows the plants to grow up to three times faster, fuss-free.

T12 is the biggest of the kitchen gardens in the T-series product line that fits up to 24 Tregren seed pods and is also well suited for a public place to keep the flowers flourishing.


Brand: Tregren
Brand Origin: Finland
Collection: T-Series
Colour: White
SKU: 00090356
Dimensions: Length: 64,5 cm / 25,4 in Width: 17,5 cm / 6,9 in Height: 44 – 74 cm / 17,3 - 29,1 in (with extension arms)
Water volume: 4 litres / 1 gal