T12 Kitchen Garden in Grey

T12 Kitchen Garden in Grey


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T12 is truly big yield kitchen garden as you can fit up to 24 plants in it. T12 will make you more or less self-sufficient as you have fresh and tasty herbs at your hand all year. T12 is also well suited for public place to keep the flowers flourishing. T12 is the biggest of the kitchen gardens in the T-series product line. T12 is a big but compact kitchen garden that fits up to 24 Tregren seed pods. Thanks to its compact design the T14 doesn’t take up any more space than the plants need - the technology and water container have been optimised so that they don’t require any extra space.


Brand: Tregren
Brand Origin: Finland
Collection: T-Series
Colour: Grey
SKU: 00090358
Dimensions: Length: 64,5 cm / 25,4 in Width: 17,5 cm / 6,9 in Height: 44 – 74 cm / 17,3 - 29,1 in (with extension arms)Water volume: 4 litres / 3 gal