Soft Pond Set in Montana

Soft Pond Set in Montana

Atelier Swarovski Home

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Designed by Nendo for Atelier Swarovski Home collection, this unique set of three asymmetrical-shaped Soft Pond vessels made from flat-cut crystals is inspired by nature to capture the movement and effect of deepening water in lakes and ponds. Adding a rippling touch to your home decoration, the gradual increasing in thickness and from top down and variations of crystal density create a gradient effect and opaque and transparent tones for these densely coloured trays.


Brand: Atelier Swarovski Home
Brand Origin: EnglandCollection: Soft Pond Set
Designer: Nendo
Colour: Coloured Crystal
SKU: 00093734
Dimensios: 110 x 78 x 22 mm/ 113 x 97 x 22 mm/ 153 x 139 x 22 mm