Smart Herbal Brewer Starter Kit - Detox Cleansing Series (with 4 tea tubes)


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Lify is a first-of-its-kind smart wellness herbal beverage system designed to curate a healthy lifestyle for its users. The herbal brewer is equipped with an AI wellness recommendation engine that delivers a cup of natural herbal tea in only 40 seconds at the touch of a button from a wide range of wellness tea blends in disc format. The machine works best with the companion wellness app tailored for personalised drinking experience and recommendation. This starter kit comes with a set of 4 disc tubes of its Detox Cleansing Series (14 discs per tube) for a total of 56 servings.

This set includes:
1 x Lify Smart Herbal Brewer (Silver)
A set of Detox Cleansing Series (Me-time / Self-care / Teatox / Sunrise)

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Brand: Lify
Brand Origin: Hong Kong
Colour: Silver
SKU: 00094632
Net Weight: 3.6kg
Brewer Dimension: 33(L) x 26.5(H) x 12.5(W) cm