Smart Herbal Brewer Kit - Balance Fix Series (with 2 Tea Tubes)


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Lify is the world’s first Smart Wellness System comprising a Smart Herbal Brewer, proprietary Herbal Discs and a Lify Wellness App. Connected to a cloud platform, the Lify Wellness App provides formula recommendations based on the weather and each user’s body conditions.

The award-winning* Lify is reinventing traditional herbal intelligence with technology, offering busy urban dwellers wellness insights and personalised herbal remedies in just 40 seconds. Pursuing wellness at every home and office has never been this easy!

*Winner of German Design Awards 2020, European Product Design Awards 2019 and Good Design Award 2019

Lify Smart Herbal Brewer:
○ 1 x Lify Smart Herbal Brewer in Charcoal Grey or Pure White
○ 2 Herbal Tubes, a total 28 cups of "Balance Fix" Herbal Formulas
○ Lify Wellness App (Free to download)

Lify’s wellness beverages are inspired by East-meets-West herbal wisdom. Each formula is scientifically curated to address a specific wellness need. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, team Lify has selected several wellness formulas that promote a strong and healthy lifestyle during these risky times:

“Balance Fix” - TEATOX and SOOTH

Helps maintain balance in body functions through detoxification and nourishing vital organs

TEATOX - A caffeine-free blend of super herbs packed with antioxidants to assist your body with cleansing and detoxing
SOOTH - A soothing blend of Monk Fruit and Prunella to cool the body, helps control blood pressure and blood sugar level as well as nourishing the lungs and liver

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Brand: Lify
Brand Origin: Hong Kong
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