Seed - Lettuce Mix

Seed - Lettuce Mix


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The packet includes four seedpods, diameter 5cm, and four seedpapers: one for rocket, one for lollo rosso, one for lettuce and one for little lerpechaun. The Lettuce Mix with four different lettuces is a great mix for anyone who wants their lettuce available all the time. With this tasty lettuce mix you can create a healthy kitchen garden, and now you can buy them all together in a handy package. The Lettuce Mix includes four seedpods and one seedpaper of each sort. Tregren seedpod is an easy and functional way to grow herbs and lettuce ecologically. Growing with the seedpods is most efficient when the pod is placed in either Tregren Genie, Herbie or T-Series kitchen garden. Fresh herbs and lettuce grows in 3-8 weeks for salads and cooking.

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Brand: Tregren
Brand Origin: Finland
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