Scala Basic Wall Bar

SCALA Luxury Fitness Wallbar - Natural Walnut Wood


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SCALA™ is a wallbar for exercise.

The set combines a frame, which is wall and floor mounted, and the removable 6 rods with a weight of 1 to 5 kilograms for functional training TRX - a training tool which uses the weight of the rod and weight of the user to perform complex multi-functional exercise.

Ergonomics and process utility determined the form of the Scala wall bar, its dimensions and design solutions.

Set is made of solid American walnut wood, impregnated with a carefully selected mineral oil. Metal parts are made of stainless steel which is resistant to the specific conditions prevailing in the gym.

Flexible, rubber made, stainless steel carabiners connect with a towel rod. Three upper and three lower rungs of the ladder allow you to perform most exercises, known from other standard gym ladders.

Scala is dedicated for private use(home gym) as well as for personal trainers and gyms. Handmade from natural walnut wood and stainless steel. Its excellent and prestigious design also has wide practical application.

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Brand: Pent
Brand Origin: Poland
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