Samurai Chopsticks by Fu Li

Samurai Chopsticks by Fu Li

Design Trust: Critically Homemade

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Prior to COVID-19, the use of serving chopsticks in Chinese cuisine already proved to be a hassle to many; guests at the same table make little effort to use them, and if used, the chopsticks were often placed messily back on the table. The ongoing pandemic simply?emphasises?the necessity of a solution to promote public hygiene in shared spaces.

Fu Li proposes ‘Samurai Chopsticks’, a prototype to encourage the proper etiquette around the use of serving chopsticks. In this design, magnets are implanted into serving chopsticks and wrapped in an iron sheet. Carefully balanced, the rotation of a turntable would cause the chopsticks to vibrate slightly like Samurai’s swords , reminding all to use it, and put it back after use. It will be a brave Samurai to guard people from the virus.


Image Credit:?Fu Li, UV Architecture
Website:?UV Architecture