Roundish Cushioned Chair in 4160 fabric

Roundish Cushioned Chair in 4160 fabric


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In addition to the shape, this soft and comfortable wood chair feels round no matter where you touch it. The rounded largebackrest and seat snugly wrap around your body to provide secure and comfortable seating for the user. All the edges have beenprovided with gentle curves by skilled artisans so that the chair feels comfortable whether sitting straight up or at an angle, as wellas to provide a snug fit with the chair and ensure comfort even if sitting for a long time. You can choose from three types of seats.The removable textile or leather seat attachments are designed so that they provide a sense of unity with the backrest and seat.


Brand: Maruni
Collection: Roundish
Brand Origin: Japan
Frame: Oak: Urethane Finish, Clear (C-0)
Cushion: Cushion in 4160 fabric
Remarks: Indent Order, 12-14 weeks lead time
SKU: 00198801
Dimensions: 460 x 530 x 773 mm