Refresh Butler Fabric Care System
Refresh Butler V6000, with Touch Control and Led Lighting

Refresh Butler Fabric Care System


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Gentle care for high-quality fabrics
The V-ZUG RefreshButler cares perfectly for delicate fabrics. Clothes are dried gently and refreshed with steam, while germs and bacteria are banished thanks to the hygiene programme. In addition, the anti-crease function significantly reduces creases from wear.


Neutralises unwanted odours in fabrics
Removes 99.99 % of all bacteria and germs
Dries up to 5 kg laundry gently without any physical movement
Appliances can be free-standing or integrated into a cupboard
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland


Brand: V-Zug
Brand Origin: Switzerland
SKU: 00022711
Dimensions: W775 x D570 x H1960 mm, 170kg