Red Cedar Luxury Candle

Red Cedar Scented Candle 300g

Urban Apothecary

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Bathe the senses in the aromatic memory of an arboretum, and delight in the presence of sunlit, majestic trees. Red Cedar clears troubles away, while infusing your mood with a bright and breezy touch. In our modern apothecary, we call upon the ancient purifying nature of smoky cedar trails, to bring this warm, woody scent an air of peaceful calm.

This Red Cedar scented candle, that distills the collective aroma of giant trees, is restorative and embracing. A cedarwood and pine needles blend releases a fresh, resinous woody tone, one that perfectly rounds the smokiness of Guaiacwood. Notes of elemi and coriander bring the citrus crispness of green leaves, and hints of cumin allude to the spicy aroma of bark. Telling a more mysterious woodland story, patchouli leaf and frankincense are the scented equivalent of an earthy forest floor.


Brand: Urban Apothecary
Collection: Luxury Boxed Glass Candles
Brand Origin: United Kingdom
Scent: Cedarwood - Pine Needles - Guaiacwood
Base: Cumin Seed - Patchouli Leaf - Frankincense
Top: Elemi - Coriander
SKU: 00195952
Dimensions: 300g
Size: 300g