Ray RY160DN + RY160SN Sofa in Serle 151


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A successful design strategy that achieves a balance of functional and aesthetic features, and entrusts the details to the right role: the seating system Ray is designed for a long life. Modular, with two depths, with an extensive compositional range that includes linear and corner elements and chaise longue, it stands out for the tailoring detail of the blanket stitch that runs along the profiles of the cover, both self-coloured and in contrasting hues.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Ray
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Design Year: 2010
Frame: Bronzed Nickel Painted 0174B

Fabric: Serle 2476151

SKU: P0000498
00200242#1, 00200243#1, 00200244#2, 00200245#2
Dimensions: 3200w x 990d x 630h mm