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Raimond Tensegrity R61 8.71828E+12 Floor Lamp Frame Solid oak foot with leather scraps and stainless steel lamp


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Raimond deserves to be clustered and is available in 6 suspended variants. Raimond is also available in the shape of the Zafu Raimond and as floor lamp Raimond Tensegrity. Combine a couple of Raimonds, squint your eyes and experience how the warm light spreads in every direction.


Brand: Moooi
Brand Origin: Netherlands
Collection: Raimond Tensegrity R61
Designer: Raimond Puts
Design Year: 2007
Colour: Solid oak foot with leather scraps, stainless steel
Remarks: With light bulb display
SKU: 00085699
Dimensions: Dia. 610 x 800 mm