Pro Youth Lifting Mask 3x1pc

Pro Youth Lifting Mask 3x1pc

Vinoble Cosmetics

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Mask made of soft, elastic fleece, soaked in a highly concentrated, deep-penetrating cocktail of active ingredients consisting of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, vitamin E, and oat kernel extract, which is rich in skin-smoothing omega fatty acids. Wrinkles are filled from the inside, providing an instantly visible lifting effect that makes the skin look smoother and firmer for a more fresh, youthful and relaxed appearance.


Brand: Vinoble Cosmetics
Brand Origin: Austria
Remarks: Remove the fleece from the sachet and unfold. Carefully attach an ear band behind the ear, place lightly over the face, stretch tight around the chin and neck, then attach to the other ear. Dab and stroke out any air bubbles. Leave for 20 minutes. Gently massage any unabsorbed substances into the skin.
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