Piña Armchair


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Designed by Jaime Hayón, Piña has a strikingly original form, thanks to the mesh shell made from epoxy-coated steel rods, which holds the fabric backrest and seat with solid wooden legs. The result is a chair that provides support and softness for the sitter where required, and has a minimalist, graceful appearance. Practical and comfortable, it could be the perfect chair that graces any living room.


Brand: Magis
Collection: Piña 
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Jaime Hayón
Design Year: 2011
Frame: 5074 brown / 5038 green / Solid ash narutal wood leg and frame in grey 5119
Fabric: F-531 brown blue fabric / F-351 (935) fabric / Grey F-503 (140)
SKU: 00097108
Dimensions: 435 x 445 x 810 mm / 580 x 560 x 800 mm