Orlando Sofa B77B Brio BT294253 and Brio BT293742 Fabric

Paola Lenti

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Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Orlando is a collection of large seating elements for outdoor environments complemented by backrests and corner backrests which can be positioned as desired.  The structure consists of a frame made of stainless steel provided with elastic belts and padding in stress-resistant differentiated expanded polyurethane. The comfort of the seating area is enhanced by further padding in polystyrene spheres, polyester and polyurethane fibre. 
The sofa, available in single or modular modules, is the ideal solution to furnish your outdoor space with a minimal style but with a whimsical character. The upholstery cover is fully removable and available in Paola Lenti’s signature fabrics.


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