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Oplight Wall Lamp in Textured Metallic Grey


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ROSA BERTOLI The theme of balance is an important aspect in industrial and domestic design. What elements do you find important to balance in your design work?

JASPER MORRISON Balance is similar to naturalness, objects need balance in all sorts of ways: expressively of course, but the balance of noticeability and discretion, and the balance of elements within an object, the balance a certain finish(es) has with an object, the balance of the atmospheric effect an object has on its surroundings and not least the balance of cost with perceived value in an object. There are probably more things that need to be balanced


Brand: FLOS
Collection: Oplight
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Design Year: 2021
Frame: Textured Metallic Grey
Finish: F4681032 - Textured Metallic Grey
SKU: 00204597
Dimensions: 222w x 95d x 4000h mm