Mida Medium Ceiling Wall Lamp in Rose


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Mida is a ceiling/wall lamp with our exclusive magnetic system, inspired by the world of haute couture jewels. A pavè of precious gems encrust an almost invisible setting, and polished
cabochon are geometrically scattered across a floral corolla with silky, iridescent stones. Available in five color combinations, from the flashy Multicolor, to the more versatile White/Platinum and White/Gold. Mida is fully handcrafted of white Opalflex® and printed Lentiflex®, whose silky morphing effect alternates with the brushed metallized “gems”. Mida makes any room extra-luxurious.


Brand: Slamp
Collection: Mida
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Adriano Rachele
Frame: Rose

SKU: 00159398
Dimensions: 500w x 500d x 160h mm