Metropolitan '14 MP100AP + MP_P Armchair in Serle 102 Fabric and Bright Brushed Frame

B&B Italia

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The seat that flows uninterruptedly into the armrests is the hallmark of this small armchair and relaxation chair. The former, with aluminium swivel base and four spokes, combines elegance and comfort, the latter, which is also swivel and has a matching ottoman, is larger with a headrest. There are two bases available: with four spokes or circular.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Metropolitan
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Jeffrey Bernett
Design Year: 2014
Colour: Frame: Bright Brushed Aluminium; Fabric: 102 Serle Ecru Fabric In Beige
Finish: 102 Serle, Bright Brushed Aluminum, 102 Levico
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SKU: P0000037
00090083#1, 00083417#1
Dimensions: 1000 x 840 x 495 (1050) mm