Message in the bulb, Heart in plated smoke


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00167896, 00167901

Make a statement or send a glowing message to express your emotion. A French company set up by two brothers of Hongkongese origin, Message in the Bulb is a decorative LED light bulb with a simple word or visual message that is mounted on an electrified lamp base. Choose among a variety of words to express your mood and share the love to those you care in a luminous fashion. Each MITB is handcrafted and no two bulbs are the same. 

Lifespan 25,000 hours. Compatible with a dimmer to vary the intensity of the message.


Brand: MITB
Collection: MITB
Brand Origin: France
Frame: Plated Smoke
SKU: 00167896
Dimensions: 125w x 125d x 175h mm