MATALarge Protecting Leather Mat

MATA - Protecting Leather Mat - 1800 x 600 mm - Grey with Black Additions


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Pent Fitness is not just fitness equipment, but also a beautiful piece of furniture. Pent Fitness has everything an exclusive home and a personal studio should have – a perfect angle, curve, and complete stainless steel finish. The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances passed on to the user when they sweat. Pent Fitness, luxury accessories are dedicated to individual use in a private home gym and trainers in a personal fitness studio but you can also use them to great effect in a luxury spa and a hotel gym as well. All the elements complement one another to make a unique set addressed to the most demanding customer.
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Pent, MATA Large Protecting Leather Mat, 1800 x 600 mm, Wood in Dark Walnut, Genuine Leather in Grey
Brand: Pent
Collection: MATALarge
Brand Origin: Poland
SKU: 00210550