Luna Chandelier Tier 1 in Satin Copper and Pink

Gabriel Scott

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A lighting system with infinite interpretations, the LUNA is a synergy of color, shape, and refracted light. Inspired by a lunar halo, the modular light fixture grows in every direction as its assembly system stems horizontally or vertically, stacking color upon color of various blownglass shapes. The LUNA series is a glamorous reference to the moon’s diffused light and soft glow. Allusive yet glamorous, the LUNA is a new tradition in glass-work and light form. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, LUNA is a highly customizable fixture.


Brand: Gabriel Scott
Collection: Luna Chandelier Tier 1
Brand Origin: Canada
Frame: Satin Copper
SKU: 00195146
Dimensions: 1204w x 230d x 230h mm