LS Matte Artificial Skylight


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CoeLux® LS (Long Sky), is the new system able to reproduce the sun and a bright infinite blue sky.

CoeLux® LS MATTE can be installed as a single unit, as a modular system, or aligned in order to design hallways of light able to deliver depth or visual patterns.
The sun reflected on the matte white frame creates a 45-degree sliver of light which delivers extreme visual comfort to the viewer in the room, allowing them to fully experience it. CoeLux® LS MATTE is ideal for restaurants, shops and public spaces. CoeLux® LS is DALI compatible allowing easy integration into a control system.

Brand: CoeLux
Collection: LS Matte
Brand Origin: Italy
Finish: White
Remarks: Site Visit is needed before order confirmation. Final price subjects to site condition.
SKU: 00064762
Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x H465 mm / skylight 1086 x 295 mm

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