LOVA Power Kettlebell Set
LOVA Power Kettlebell Set

LOVA Power Kettlebell Set


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A handmade set from natural American walnut wood and stainless steel. Just like other PENT. products, also here many hours of design work and craftsmanship have created something special in terms of form and practical use.
The stable, simple stand, along with unusual form of kettlebells, create something unique which will certainly raise the prestige of the place. Each element is handmade with attention given to every detail. LOVA™ set comes in different versions. Kettlebells are available in sets (horizontal or vertical) and as individual pieces (with or without a wooden stand).
American oiled walnut wood provides a good grip and gives pleasure to touch. This type of wood exhibits antibacterial properties and, in combination with stainless steel creates a harmonious system of health and nature.
This is very important when using these luxurious accessories in special conditions. COLMIA™ is dedicated for the private use as well as for personal trainers and gyms.

Luxury set of 4 kettlebells with simple stand​
10 kg x 1 | 12 kg x 1 | 16 kg x 1 | 20 kg x 0

$49,500.00 $55,000.00

Brand: Pent
Brand Origin: Poland
SKU: 00189324