Little Friend Side Table in White (Height Adjustable)

Fritz Hansen

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Little Friend™ is available in two models: A height-adjustable version and a version with fixed height. The button on the top of the height-adjustable model is made of brass, polished and chromed, and activates the height adjustment. The top has a cut-out carrier handle. The tabletop is available in two versions: compact laminate in various colours and veneer. The centre tube on the height adjustable model is a telescope tube: the outer tube is in mirror chromed steel and the inner tube is in satin matt steel. On the model with fixed height the centre tube is in mirror chromed steel. The three-legged foot and the flange are pressure moulded polished aluminium. The table is also available with a lacquered base matching the colour of the tabletops made in compact laminate.

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Brand: Fritz Hansen
Brand Orgin: Denmark
Designer: Kasper Salto
Design Year: 2005
Base: White
Top: White
Remarks: Display
SKU: 00005761
Dimensions: 450 x 500-730 mm