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The lamp comes from Toikka's broader Linnut collection. Meaning 'birds' in Finnish, Linnut includes a variety of beautifully crafted lamps, all of which take the form of stylised birds. With their character and light-hearted spirit, they will be perfect for kids' bedrooms and living rooms alike.Measuring 16.5 x 19 x 28 cm, the Linnut Siiri LED Battery Light is one of the smaller lights in the Linnut collection, but the battery powered lamp is substantial enough to use both as a bedside lamp or for lighting desks. Each lamp takes the form of a sitting bird, and features a delicately formed plastic beak - a delightful finishing touch. The main body of each Linnut Siiri LED Battery Light is made from white polycarbonate plastic with a slightly mottled effect. Requiring no cables to operate, the lamp relies on a 5W LED bulb to provide illumination, and can be moved around to any location as desired. This makes it a neat addition to gardens and balconies as well as interior spaces.

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Brand: Magis
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Oiva Toikka
Design Year: 2019
Finish: White
Remarks: 5W LED and touch switch
SKU: 00091188
Dimensions: 280 x 165 x 190 mm