Le Bambole '07 LB2 Sofa in Beta 1231200 LB2


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Icon of modern design, one of the most effective expressions of Made in Italy that combines research and creative flair, Le Bambole has provided a very personal answer to the theme of seats, which issue from a single block that contains, as if ‘sculptured’ into a single material, backrest, seat and armrest. Comfortable shapes without stiff supports in which traditional elements merge into one as established by the designer who wanted to reproduce “a living body, pleasant to touch and embrace, soft and safe”.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Le Bambole '07
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Mario Bellini
Design Year: 2007
Colour: Leather Beta 1231200
Leather: Beta 1231200
Remarks: Coming Stock
SKU: 00171322
Dimensions: 1660w x 890d x 740h mm