Lavanda Timo Diffuser 500 ml

Lavanda Timo Diffuser 500 ml

Dr. Vranjes Firenze

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A persistent strong note of wild Tuscan lavender which merges with the fresh, stimulating essence of thyme amidst a chord of spicy, fresh-picked herbs is at the heart of the Lavanda Timo diffuser. It helps relax and reduce feelings of stress and fatigue while helping to improve the quality of sleep and enriching the air with purifying components. It is perfect for places of wellness where you can unwind and regenerate, particularly suitable for bedrooms because of its calming properties. Housed in original Florentine glass bottles with Dr. Vranjes’ interpretation of Florence’s Brunelleschi Dome.

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Brand: Dr. Vranjes Firenze
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Traditional
Scent: Provençal Lavender, Aromatic Herbs, Thyme
SKU: 00084325
Volume: 500 ml