LAT-EAU Bath 01 Toothbrush Holder - Pietra d’Avola


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The PLAT-EAU Bath 01 toothbrush holder is made from a single piece of natural stone, creating a uniformity of colour and protecting the seamlessness of the piece. The holes run right through, meaning that there is no accumulation of any residue.

Available in classic Bianco Carrara marble and rich, chocolatey brown Pietra d’Avola limestone.

The PLAT-EAU collection consists of a range of pieces ideal for the kitchen, office or bathroom, which includes cutting boards, trays and multi-use vessels. Designer Silvia Fanticelli has created a simple but elegant collection that sits equally well in the bathroom or on a desk.


Brand: Salvatori
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Silvia Fanticelli
Finish: Pietra d’Avola
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SKU: 00104341
Dimensions: D150 x W40 x H110 mm